Do you feel there is something significant you are meant to do?

Do you long to have a life of meaning and impact? The Creative Activist is an inspiration toolbox for seekers of all kinds.  It contains thirty-six stories from people who have embraced their personal power and creative gifts to create change in the world around them. In these pages are also practical exercises and journal questions that will help you to; find your voice to speak your truth, discover your passion and purpose, build successful collaborations, turn your gifts into positive action, and become a confident leader. This book lights a path to help you see, understand, and believe in all you were meant to be.

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Rae LuskinRae is the founder of Art and Soul Connections and The Winning Adventure. A lifelong learner she has studied with Mary Morrissey, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Janet and Chris Atwood (certified passion test facilitator), Brendon Bouchard, Steve Harrison and Lisa Sassevich to name a few. For over fifteen years she has been a leader in using creative expression to nurture self-worth, resilience, healing, and social change. Sharing her personal story of child sexual abuse she inspires and motivates people to turn their pain into purpose. Community partners have said “Rae is passionate about her work as an advocate for healthy children and families…her transformational work has the potential to prevent abuse across the world. “ She is the author of Art from My Heart and a contributing author to Shine the Light, Sexual Abuse and Healing in the Jewish Community  and Learning from Failure.


The Creative Avtivist will be required reading for CEO Space, along with Chicken Soup for
the Soul, The Secret, and Rich Dad Poor Dad. You must read this book - your inside and
your outside life will change forever! Recharge your soul’s battery to FULL!”

- Berny Dohrmann, Chairmain Found of the CEO Space Conference

Courageous, personal narratives inspire us to examine our unique journey to find our
voice, to become fierce advocates for change... A brilliant way to cultivate twenty-
first-century leaders... opens undiscovered capabilities through the ribbons of creative

- Martha Mertz, author of Becoming Athena & founder of Athena International

Rae Luskin's book The Creative Activist is a fireball of a book! Imaginative, inspiring,
uplifting. It is a joy to encounter so many voices speaking out for a world that works
for everyone."

- Jan Phillips, author of No Ordinary Time
With stories that inspire and calls-to-action that motivate, Rae Luskin's The Creative
Activist is a primer to living your legacy now and being a change-maker."

- Marc J. Lane, attorney and author of The Mission-Driven Venture
Rae is truly an inspiration. She is a survivor. More importantly, she has found a way to
thrive and to craft her unique legacy... Wherever you are on your journey, trust that
she is a competent and compassionate guide to lead you to the next step. Art is the
the path. Joy is what we discover. Activism is our tool for changing ourselves and
the world."

- Vincent Toran, speaker, coach, and author
The Creative Activist is a beautiful, vibrant, inspiring guide to fulfuillment through

- Jan Schakowsky, US Congresswoman
The Creative Activist is a must-read for anyone looking to promote change in the
world. Luskin's book is an inspirational, practical guide that teaches key skills to
leave a lasting legacy. The messages are brought to life through empowering
stories of ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things in their communitites."

- John Hewko, ,General Secretary of Rotary International
In The Creative Activist, Luskin teaches us that it is through our own unique (and
sometimes painful) journeys that we ultimately find our true voice, move forcefully
into our passion, and unleash our power as creative, innovative leaders, dedicated
to changing the world."

- Laura Davis, co-autho or The Courage to Heal & I Thought We'd Never Speak Again
The Creative Activist is an informative, inspring guide to civic participation through
advocacy and giving... [A] wonderful resource for personal development and
women's empowerment."

- Nancy K. Kaufman, CEO of National Council of Jewish Women
Rae Luskin's The Creative Activist is a pathway to living with purpose. Learn to live
your legacy now."

- Barbara A. Trautlein, PhD author of Change Intelligence
The Creative Activist shows how to wield creativity into a powerful force of goodness
in the world. This book is a treasure that will help you find your own path to be a
change agent and lead with your gifts"

- Michael Samuels, MD, author of twenty-one books including Healing with the Arts


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It is vital to invest in future generations where every human being is fulfilling his or her greatest potential. We need to be role models and mentors. Our words, behaviors, and actions are the foundational building block for the adults of tomorrow, the people who are going to make the decisions, build the businesses, and run the world. We need to acknowledge their strengths and gifts, and help them to see that mistakes are steppingstones to success. Teach them to trust their feelings, and to share their voice. Help them to respect differences. We need to shift our conversations from impossible to possible. When we foster and encourage their dreams, we move toward a more sustainable and peaceful world.


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